Surangel Scoop Vol.3 No.8

Navigating August with Safety and Skill: Unveiling SSC Chronicles

As August unfolds its possibilities, we extend an invitation to explore the newest revelations within the realm of SSC Chronicles. This edition centers on the intricate dance of safety and skill, highlighting essential knowledge that empowers us all. Journey with us through the following featured insights:

  1. Mastering Crane Safety: Immerse yourself in the snapshots of the 16-Hour Rough Terrain and Lattice Boom Crane Operator Course. Witness the dedication to crane safety and precision maneuvers through vivid imagery.
  2. First Aid and Beyond: Explore the visual narrative of the Essential 8-Hour First Aid, CPR, AED Training, accompanied by a Bloodborne Pathogens Safety Course. See the participants engaged in life-saving techniques and pathogen safety awareness.
  3. Skillful Boom Truck Operation: Relive the 8-Hour Boom Truck Operator Safety Course held last July 27th. The visuals capture the essence of skill enhancement and safety protocols in action.
  4. Secure Forklift Handling: Revisit the scenes of the 8-Hour Forklift Operator Safety Course conducted on July 28. The images encapsulate the dedication to secure forklift operation.

Within these pages, we illuminate the path toward a safer, more skilled future. Your commitment to growth and awareness is the foundation upon which we build collectively.

Stay tuned for the upcoming issue of Surangel Scoop, filled with a month’s worth of insights and discoveries!

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