Surangel Scoop Vol.3 No.9

September Edition of Surangel Scoop: Unveiling Exciting Updates!

Inside this month’s issue of Surangel Scoop, get ready to dive into a world of captivating updates and inspiring stories. We’re thrilled to present the following highlights:

1. Snapshots of Empowering Staff Through Health and Safety Training

Discover how we’re ensuring the well-being of our dedicated team members. Learn about our commitment to health and safety as we equip our staff with essential training to thrive in their roles.

2. Supercenter Airai Turns One

It’s a celebration at Supercenter Airai as we mark its first anniversary! Join us in reminiscing about a year filled with growth, community, and fantastic shopping experiences.

3. Celebrate with Supercenter Airai

We invite you to join the festivities! Explore the exciting promotions, and surprises we have in store as we celebrate this special milestone with our valued customers.

4. Summer Interns at SASCO

Meet the bright young minds who joined us as summer interns at SASCO. Discover their experiences, contributions, and the valuable insights they’ve brought to our team.

5. SASCO Job Fair

We’re opening doors to new opportunities! Get the latest updates on our upcoming job fair, where you can explore career prospects with Surangel & Sons Company.

6. That’s not all! Dive into a treasure trove of promotions, initiatives, and announcements that showcase Surangel’s unwavering commitment to transparency, community engagement, and ethical business practices.

We highly value your feedback and suggestions. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at to share your thoughts. Your continued support is instrumental in our journey toward growth and success.

Stay tuned for more thrilling updates in Surangel Scoop! 🎉

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