• Holiday Candy!

    Holiday Candy!

    Who doesn’t love some sweets now and again? This time of year is especially celebrated with all sorts of sugary goodies. Here at Surangel and Son’s Co., we are stocked up with a wide variety of candy. From sweet sugary candy to sour gummies and chocolate bars, we offer an assortment that you can’t refuse! Beat the holiday rush and come get your candy today.

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  • Employee Training

    Employee Training

    Monthly Employee Training Here at Surangel and Sons Company, we value education learning, and growth. We believe that striving to be better than we were yesterday is what has brought us much of our success. Every month, we meet with our employees for a training session. This helps us to maintain an atmosphere in our stores “Where the Customer is King.” In these photos, you see the day shift cashiers gathered for their training session. They are going over important information about loyalty points, as well as being reminded of our store policies for cashiers. The night shift cashiers had

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  • Mercury Four Stroke Engines!

    Mercury Four Stroke Engines!

    If you want smooth sailing, we’ve got exactly what you need. These Mercury Four Stroke Engines are powerful, fast, and cut through waves effortlessly. You will definitely want one for your next trip to the rock islands! Featured Engines 115hp 150hp 200hp V6 (NEW!) 300hp V8 (NEW!) Get yours today! Call +680-488-1912/6090

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  • New Services for Electronics

    New Services for Electronics

    Now Offering Repairs!!! Surangel Departments Store Electronics is now able to repair your broken devices. Pricing will vary depending on your device and whether or not you have your own spare parts. Cell Phone Repair $25 – $50 | Replace LCD/screen ($25 if you have your own parts) $25 – $40 | Replace charging port ($25 if you have your own parts) $20 – $25 | Reprograming/Formatting & other problems Speaker Earpiece Mic Power switch No power Water damage Hang up Only logo corrupted OS Computer/Laptop Repair $30 – $50 | Format and Reprograming $50 – $80 | Replace LCD/screen

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  • Sale at the Hardware Store!

    Sale at the Hardware Store!

    This month we are celebrating our 27th year of opening Mason’s Hardware! We would like to include you in our celebration, which is why we have put this chainsaw on sale. Now only $89.97! Come and get yours before they’re gone! Chainsaw details below: CHAINSAW, 16″ 37.2cc AOSHENG

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  • Pandemic Safety Certification

    Pandemic Safety Certification

    The past two years have been full of many unknowns. COVID-19 has had an effect on the entire world. For many of us, it has meant the loss of jobs, separation from our loved ones, and increased anxiety. We each have had a part in keeping one another safe. We have social distanced, worn masks in public, and been vaccinated. Many would say that with only five cases of COVID on our island to date, we have succeeded.

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  • Surangel Scoop

    Surangel Scoop

    We value you, our customers, & want to keep you informed. Happy Independence Day from our family! Mason’s Hardware, Mason’s Marine, and Ksau’s Motors will be closed on the afternoon of Oct. 1 for the annual Independence Day boat race. We are proud to have received the Pandemic SAFE Certification for several of our businesses. We are working to reduce our carbon footprint by installing solar panels at our new Supercenter, as we have in other locations. We will be adding customer satisfaction surveys to each of our locations. Please take the time to let us know how we can serve you better.

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  • Introduction to Monthly Newsletter

    Introduction to Monthly Newsletter

    Dear Customer Happy Independence Day from our family! As we celebrate our nation’s 27th year of Independence, let us reflect on the ideas and beliefs that make us who we are and pray for continued guidance and future prosperity. Over 40 years ago, we started as a small shop in the back of our house. Since then we have lived together, grown together, and celebrated together. As we look forward to the future together, we want to find ways to serve you better. Here at Surangel and Sons Co., we believe that communication is the key to success. We want

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  • Annual Independence Day Boat Race

    Annual Independence Day Boat Race

    The annual Independence Day boat race was a big success. The spirit of celebration was in the air. Men, women, and children cheered as their favorite contestants zoomed past. This event certainly was one for the books.  The Surangel Whipps family would like to thank everyone who pulled together and helped make this event possible. Your hard work and dedication is not overlooked. We would also like to thank all those who came out to support our racers. Thank you for cheering for us, we appreciate your support.  Of course, a big congratulations to all the winners from today’s race!

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Throughout our growth, Surangel and Sons Co. has remained privately owned and run by the Surangel family. Our Christian faith and dedication to the Seventh-day Adventist Church have guided our business operations and played a key role in our success.

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