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About Us

Surangel & Sons Company was founded in 1980 by Surangel Whipps as a small community store located in Koror, Palau. As the company prospered and grew, Whipps established Surangel & Sons Construction in 1986 to build Surangel Supercenter located on Main Street, Koror. Surangel Construction is currently one of the largest construction companies in Palau specializing in design and planning, general contracting, design-build services, electrical, plumbing, sewer work, and safety; Surangel Construction is dedicated to operating with integrity and delivering excellence, ensuring our Customers are King!

Featured Projects

Surangel Supercenter Airai Project
Palau National Landfill Project
Peleliu State Government Office Building Project Phase-II
Renovation & Expansion of Palau International Airport Project

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