Food and Drinks

Food and Drinks

The Surangel and Sons Co. is reinventing the idea of where the locals go to dine and eat. Located in the state of Airai, Surangel’s Supercenter features a casual vibe with a diversified menu reflecting the flavors of Palau while also focusing on making customers feel like home.
Surangel’s Supercenter aims to give you satisfaction with imaginative twists.


Good tea, good time! You can’t help but smile with every slurp of your favorite drink. Visit Chatime and get your cravings satisfied.

Bakery & Deli

Deli offers you a wide range variety of menus to satisfy your craving. Visit Surangel’s Bakery and Deli for the best taste in town.

Looking for something?

Throughout our growth, Surangel and Sons Co. has remained privately owned and run by the Surangel family. Our Christian faith and dedication to the Seventh-day Adventist Church have guided our business operations and played a key role in our success.

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