Surangel Connect V1 N10

surangel connect vOL. 1 no.10

Alii, Surangel Family,


Surangel Connect Vol.1 No.10: Uniting for Empowerment and Achievement!

In this captivating edition, we invite you to immerse yourself in the stories of Surangel and Sons Co.’s unwavering commitment to combating human trafficking. Discover the proactive efforts we are undertaking to create a safer and more just world. Join us as we shed light on this critical issue and highlight the impact we are making through collaborative initiatives and partnerships.

Amidst our journey, we pause to pay tribute to our exceptional student employees. These dedicated individuals embody the spirit of perseverance and ambition as they pursue their higher education while contributing to our organization. Their unwavering commitment to personal growth and professional excellence is an inspiration to us all. Join us in celebrating their achievements and recognizing the value of education as a catalyst for success.

Stay connected, stay informed, and embark on this enriching journey with Surangel Connect, your gateway to empowerment, achievement, and the spirit of progress.

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Throughout our growth, Surangel and Sons Co. has remained privately owned and run by the Surangel family. Our Christian faith and dedication to the Seventh-day Adventist Church have guided our business operations and played a key role in our success.

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