Surangel Connect V1 N18

surangel connect vOL. 1 no.18

Alii Surangel Family,

Welcome to the latest edition of Surangel Connect! This edition is brimming with exciting updates, valuable partnerships, and insights into what’s on the horizon.

In this issue, you’ll get the chance to explore:

September Cashiers of the Month: Celebrating Excellence
Pinktober: Mammogram Screenings for Breast Cancer Awareness Month
A Special Visit from Our Valued Partner, Monje Inc. from Portland
2023 Chatime Tea-rista Competition and Global Conference
CPR and Basic Life Support Training for Our Team
October Health Quest: Prioritizing Wellness
Employee Highlight: Recognizing Our Exceptional Team Members
And Other Exciting Promotions

We value your feedback, so please feel free to reach out to us at with your thoughts and suggestions. Your input means the world to us.

Warmest regards,
The Newsletter Team

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Throughout our growth, Surangel and Sons Co. has remained privately owned and run by the Surangel family. Our Christian faith and dedication to the Seventh-day Adventist Church have guided our business operations and played a key role in our success.

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