Surangel Supercenter Airai

2017 | Ongoing


Construction of a new supercenter that will house many different stores and businesses. Pile driving work for the foundation consisting of 179 piles positive. The building itself is made up of structural steel main frame. It consists of 3 main floors. It is 45% complete with roofing work complete and solar panels being installed.

Peleliu Government Office

| 2020


Construction of new two story office building for Peleliu State Government. Consists of ten rooms to accommodate the government employees.

Bank of Hawaii

| 2003


Construction of a brand new two story commercial building located in Palau’s central hub, Koror State. This modern concrete building has long tinted glass windows that allow an “open” feeling, making customers feel more welcomed.

Fiber Optic Office Building

May 2017 | June 2017

Fiber Optic Connection Station in Ngeremlengui State

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