MUZING 2020-2021

Muzing groups that have already PAID OFF their previous muzing balance can now apply for the upcoming muzing year. To apply, please follow the directions below: Download the Customer Muzing Application for 2020-2021 or pick up an application from Surangel…

Surangel Supercenter Airai Updates

MARCH 8, 2021 OCT 13, 2020 FINAL STEEL BEAM LIFT July 29, 2020 On July 29th, Surangel & Sons Company celebrated the final steel beam lift for the new Surangel Supercenter in Airai. Surangel Supercenter Airai Project

Coronavirus FAQs

Ngokiu tial techall ea kiou chaise el kmo, a kombalii ra Surangel & Sons a dimereched elmo kutmokl a otutel a tekoi el mo mesebechakl el kirel tial COVID-19 ra elsel a beluad, kemiu el okiak, ma ruureor el chad…