Barge & Tugboat

Tugboats & Barges

Whether you need to transport machinery to the rock islands or to another country, you’ve come to the right place. Surangel & Sons Construction can transport you equipment far and wide. We have transferred items to all the islands of Palau, to Yap, and even as far as to the Philippines. Where we will go next is up to you.

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SSC Techall 1200 HP
Weighs: 118 Tons

SSC Ksau 1000 HP
Weighs: 81 Tons


Capacity: 630 dwt

Capacity: 630 dwt

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Throughout our growth, Surangel and Sons Co. has remained privately owned and run by the Surangel family. Our Christian faith and dedication to the Seventh-day Adventist Church have guided our business operations and played a key role in our success.

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