Rock Quarry

See our locations below:

  1. Mason’s Rock Quarry – Airai, Koror
  2. Ngermellal Quarry – Oikull, Airai
  3. Surangel’s Rock Quarry – Ked, Airai

Surangel Quarries

When you hit rock bottom, we are here. We have whatever you need to make your ideas come to life.

Mason’s Rock Quarry – Airai, Koror


  • Ready Mix Cement
  • Hollow Blocks
  • Grass Block
  • Fine Washed White Sand
  • 3/4″ Washed White Gravel

Ngermellal Quarry – Oikull, Airai

Limestone Products & Crusher Plant

  • Boulders
  • Over Burden.

Surangel’s Rock Quarry – Ked, Airai


  •  Washed Black Sand
  • Washed 3/4″ Gravel
  • Basecourse
  • Quarry Waste
  • 6″ Minus Black
  • 6″-12″ Rocks
  • 12″-16″ Rocks

Let’s build something together.

Looking for something?

Throughout our growth, Surangel and Sons Co. has remained privately owned and run by the Surangel family. Our Christian faith and dedication to the Seventh-day Adventist Church have guided our business operations and played a key role in our success.

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