Annual Independence Day Boat Race

The annual Independence Day boat race was a big success. The spirit of celebration was in the air. Men, women, and children cheered as their favorite contestants zoomed past. This event certainly was one for the books. 

The Surangel Whipps family would like to thank everyone who pulled together and helped make this event possible. Your hard work and dedication is not overlooked. We would also like to thank all those who came out to support our racers. Thank you for cheering for us, we appreciate your support. 

Of course, a big congratulations to all the winners from today’s race! We especially enjoyed the friendly competition between some of our own. Uncle and nephew, Mason and Ksau, were neck and neck for a minute there. Mason was first off the line, but Ksau pulled ahead shortly after. He maintained his position for the remainder of the three laps, winning first place on his first boat race as a driver!

150 HP to Open for All: 1st Place – Ksau Whipps; 2nd Place – Mason Whipps

Everyone looked great out there today, and more importantly, we all had fun. Thanks again to everyone who made this event possible. Happy Independence Day! May we never forget where we came from, and let us look forward to the growth ahead of us.

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