Pandemic Safety Certification

We got the checkmark! Look for it at our various locations.

Keeping our customers safe is our priority.

The past two years have been full of many unknowns. COVID-19 has had an effect on the entire world. For many of us, it has meant the loss of jobs, separation from our loved ones, and increased anxiety. We each have had a part in keeping one another safe. We have social distanced, worn masks in public, and been vaccinated. Many would say that with only five cases of COVID on our island to date, we have succeeded.

Here at Surangel and Sons Co. we have also done our part. Today, we can proudly announce that we are SAFE for you. Over the past months, we have worked hard to complete the steps needed to earn the Pandemic Safety Certification. On the following page we will explain what that process looked like.

The Steps We’ve Taken
What does SAFE look like?

In order to keep our customers safe, we first needed to train our employees. Each of our employees participated in several hours of mandatory training sessions where they learned what precautions to take to keep our stores clean and sanitized. After these trainings, our employees were able to put into place the safe practices that they learned.

The second step, of course, was to prepare our stores. Stickers were placed on the floor to remind our customers to social distance. Our employees were asked to wear a mask during their shift, and plexiglass dividers were installed. Signs were posted around our store to help remind all of the best hand washing techniques and other safety procedures. Hand sanitizing stations were placed at the entrances of our stores to prevent the spread of germs.

The third and final step was to set in place a consistent cleaning and sanitizing schedule for the high traffic areas of our stores. With these steps, we have helped to prevent the spread of germs in our stores and we have been successful in keeping our customers safe. We value our customers above all else, and their safety is our top priority .

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