Surangel and Sons Co. Sign Toyota Dealership Agreement

Ksau’s Motors is proud to announce that it has signed a Toyota dealership agreement with Atkins Kroll Inc. (AK), the Toyota distributor for our region. Atkins Kroll has been in business since 1914 and for over 50 years they have been the Toyota Distributor for the region. We are very confident about this new agreement with them. Ksau’s Motors will begin selling the “world’s toughest pick-up,” the Toyota Hilux, at our new showroom in Surangel Supercenter Airai, with more vehicles to follow.

Surangel and Sons Co. began selling vehicles in the early 1980’s selling Nissans through distributor NBK from Japan and Nissan Guam, but never became a full dealership. In 2009, Ksau’s Motors was established with the vision of providing the Palauan community a dealership with quality brand vehicles. The idea to carry a full line of vehicles with support from the manufacturer was something Surangel & Sons Co. has worked to turn into reality.

In May of 2019 AK approached Ksau’s Motors and asked if we would be interested in being a Toyota dealer in Palau. After years of working out the details we were able to make our dream of becoming a dealership come true. On October 15, 2021 Eric Ksau Whipps , CEO of Surangel and Sons Co. and Ksau’s Motors signed the agreement with AK. We are excited to provide excellent pricing and service to the people of Palau through this deal. We believe Toyota is the right brand for us to carry with the support of AK.

See the PNC article below.

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