Palau Community College Tours Surangel Facilities

Palau Community College

PCC Tours Surangel Facilities

On November 18, a small group of sophomores from Palau Community College (PCC) took a tour of Surangel and Sons Co. The group arrived at 9 am and were met at the bus by Joy Flores Whipps, Human Resources Manager.

The small company made their way to the 4th floor conference room where they watched a short video clip on the history of Surangel and Sons Co., beginning with the first store in the back of the Whipps home in Ngerbeched Hamlet during 1980. After the clip was finished, these students had the privilege of talking with Surangel Sr. and

The students were engaged by Mason’s charismatic presentation at the Construction Office. The lighthearted atmosphere combined with the important life lessons held the group’s attention while they learned about the organization of the company. The sophomores were even introduced to fellow PCC alumni who now work at Surangel & Sons Construction, making the whole experience more relatable. After the presentation, they toured around the office, seeing the engineering projects as well as learning all about Mason’s hardhat collection. This exceptional group of students were then given the greenlight to tour the new Supercenter in Airai. 

Then the tour began. Joy led the students around the office and then each of the lower floors of the Supercenter all the way down to the basement, stopping to talk about each department. During this part of the tour, students were able to see first hand much of what goes on to keep a business running smoothly. After touring the warehouse the students piled onto their bus and drove to the Surangel and Sons Construction Office, in Malakal, where they were met by Mason Whipps. 

As the students arrived at the Supercenter, their excitement was clearly evident. It was obvious that this was going to be the highlight of their experience. Few people have had the honor of walking inside the walls of this building, yet alone touring the entire facility with Surangel Sr., himself. Joy led the tour, explaining what each section of the store would be used for, while students excitedly pulled out their phones to take pictures and videos. Joy shared in the students’ excitement as she patiently answered their questions. By the end of the tour, each group member was inspired by seeing exactly what hard work and perseverance can accomplish. 

From seeing the very humble beginnings of Surangel and Sons Co. in the morning, to seeing the future of the company during their Airai tour, these students saw first hand what it takes to run a successful business. They were left with several important takeaways, starting a business takes hard work and dedication, a higher education will aid you greatly, and finally never stop learning and improving yourself, even after your schooling is complete. These life lessons are excellent to learn at such a young age, and if the students take them to heart, they will go far in life.  

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