PGST Notice

PGST Notice
Happy New Year! To our valued customers, we ask for your understanding as we transition to the new 10% PGST (Palau Goods and Services Tax) from the old 3% import tax on non-food items and the 4% GRT (gross revenue tax) on all items. Effective January 1st, in compliance with RPPL 11-11, Surangel and Sons will lower non-food items by 7% and food items by 4% to remove the taxes that were previously included. The 10% PGST will be shown as a separate line item on your receipt. Thank you.

Sbedel a PGST
Alii, e kmal lungil becheselrak. Aki olengit ra kllouerreng er kemiu er elechal bodesiseb era beches lomeliul a tax el 10% PGST. Mal uaisei e sel mle import tax el 3% el mla ra chelsel cheral a diak el kall ma 4% el GRT (Gross Revenue Tax) el ngara chelsel a cheral a rokui el klalo, a kirel mo mengubet ra eral a klalou. Ma doltirakl ra RPPL 11-11, eng momuchel ra January 1, 2023, ea rokui el diak el kall a ngmanget a cheral ra 7%, ea kall a ngmanget a cheral ra 4%, etial beches el PGST el 10% a mo beldukl ra receipt. Kom kmal mesulang.

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