Surangel Scoop Vol.3 No.11

November Edition of Surangel Scoop: Discover Exciting Updates!

Welcome to the November edition of Surangel Scoop, where we bring you the latest updates and valuable insights. This month, we’re excited to share the following highlights:

  1. Lunch & Learn, lifestyle’s your concern: Explore the educational and delicious journey of our “Lunch & Learn” sessions, where we addressed a variety of lifestyle concerns, promoting a healthier and happier life for our team.
  2. Chatime Palau’s First Global Conference & Tea-rista Competition Debut Yields Valuable Insights and Connections: Discover the success and insights gained from Chatime Palau’s participation in its first-ever global conference and tea-rista competition, where we connected with the global tea community.
  3. SASCO’s October Wellness Fest: Reflect on our month-long celebration of well-being at SASCO, where we promoted health, fitness, and overall wellness for our employees and the community.
  4. SASCO’s LifeSaver Training: Empowering You with CPR and BLS Skills: Learn about SASCO’s commitment to employee empowerment through life-saving training, providing CPR and BLS skills to make a difference in critical situations.
  5. Exploring Opportunities: Ksau’s Motors Meets Toyota Motors Philippines Technical School: Join us on a journey of collaboration and growth as Ksau’s Motors connects with Toyota Motors Philippines Technical School, exploring exciting opportunities and partnerships.
  6. Other exciting promotions: Stay updated on our various promotions, initiatives, and announcements that underline Surangel’s dedication to transparency, community engagement, and ethical business practices, offering more than just products and services.

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